Ocakbasi- Authentic Turkish Barbeque style cooking

Welcome to Aubergine Restaurant Kitchen, all our meats and vegetables are cooked to perfection on open fire Barbeque using wood charcoal only. We cook only from fresh produce meats marinated in herbs and spices for a delicious flavours.




In eastern Mediterranean Turkish cuisine, a meze is a selection of appetisers or small dishes designed to complement a beverage, tease the taste buds and encourage diners to linger around a table for good conversation.

All starters are served with warm Turkish Pide Bread ( g-gluten + d-dairy)


Hot Mixed Meze (V)

(To share between two people)


Carliston Biber: Sweet long pepper stuffed with feta cheese and grilled over a charcoal fire (d-dairy)

Sigara boregi: homemeade Turkish cigar shaped pastry stuffed with feta cheese & mint (d-dairy, g-gluten/wheat)

Fried Aubergine: dressed with red pepper sauce and yogurt (d-dairy)



                              Cold Mixed Meze (V)         

(To share between two people)

Tabule: Turkish style salad of  parsley, tomatoes, bulgur wheat  dressed with pomegranate molasses (g-gluten/wheat)

Humus: crushed chickpeas & tahini dip (s-sesame)

Biber Ezme: roast red pepper dip dressed with yogurt (d-dairy)

Ispanak Ezme: Spinach and garlic dip dressed with yogurt (d-dairy)

Cacik: cucamber and mint dip dressed with yogurt (d-dairy)

Zeytinyagli Sarma: stuffed vine leaves with rice and pine kernels

Olives: Turkish selection of olives

Beyaz Peynir: Turkish feta cheese (d-dairy)


Humus and olives (s -sesame/ tahini) £5.00

Sigara Boregi : homemade Turkish cigar shaped pastry stuffed with feta cheese & mint £7 (d-dairy, g-gluten/wheat)

Vine leaves stuffed vine leaves with rice and pine kernels  £5

Sucuk grilled  spicy Turkish sausage served with bread and salad garnish  £7.00 (g-gluten)

Chicken Wings marinated, seasoned and grilled over charcoal  £7.5









Authentic Turkish BBQ





Sultan's Feast (To share between two people)

Combination of BBQ meats: Kuzu Sis(Best end of Lamb fillet),Tavuk Sis( tender chicken breast), Sucuk( spicy beef sausage), Adana Kebab (lamb shish kebab), Halloumi cheese, alongside meze dips, seasonal salad, grilled peppers, onions and bulgur wheat £56       (g-gluten/wheat+ d-dairy+ s-sesame/tahini)




Kuzu Sis (Lamb Best End Fillet)

Chargrilled tender Best End of Lamb Fillet served on bedding of sautéed  spinach, Turkish flat bread, homemade red pepper sauce, bulgur wheat and garnish £32      (g-gluten/wheat)

Kusleme (Lamb Fillet )

Lean, tender cubes of lamb fillet grilled and served alongside Turkish flat bread, bulgur wheat, grilled peppers  and onions with parsley £24         (g-gluten/wheat)


Mixed Grill

Combination of lamb fillet, lamb meatballs, Turkish beef pepperoni, chicken breast grilled over fire served with bulgur wheat, garnish and grilled peppers and garnish £22      (g-gluten/wheat)


Mixed Meze Special

Combination of lamb fillet and chicken shish  char-grilled alongside meze dips served with bulgur wheat £22 (g-gluten/wheat+ d-dairy +s-sesame/tahini)


Aubergine's Special

Combination of chicken Sis, pepperoni sausage mixed with bulgur wheat and seasonal salad, caramelized red onion dressing £21    (g-gluten/wheat)


Tavuk Sis

Tender succulent pieces of chicken breast grilled over charcoal served alongside Turkish flat bread, grilled peppers, bulgur wheat, onions with parsley, salad garnish and choice of meze dip £20  (g-gluten/wheat +d-dairy +s-sesame/tahini)


Adana Kebab

Chargrilled seasoned lean minced lamb served alongside Turkish flat bread, grilled peppers, salad garnish,  onions, with parsley & bulgur wheat £21  (g-gluten/wheat + d-dairy)

Patlican Tava

Tender pieces of lamb sautéed in red peppers sauce with onions, peppers, aubergines, served with bulgur wheat £22      (g-gluten/wheat)  




Halloumi Cheese

Char-grilled halloumi cooked until golden brown and crisp, with aubergine slices which compliments its salty flavour alongside garnish, grilled peppers and bulgur wheat £14  (g-gluten/wheat +d-dairy)


Patlican Yelpaze

Whole aubergine fried in a shape of fan, stuffed with feta cheese, garnish with red pepper sauce  served with bulgur wheat £14 (g-gluten + d-dairy)



All our food is freshly prepared in the kitchen where nuts, gluten, and other allergens are present. If you have any allergy please let us know before ordering


V-Vegeterian, /d-Dairy/,d*-Dairy optional/,g-gluten(wheat)/,s-Sesame/,so-Soya/,n-Nuts(walnuts, pistachios, almonds)