Whenever it is family gathering, birthday party or simply friends catching up we have design this party menu to be enjoyed around table. 

The Aubergine Restaurant proposes for a Party Menu a selection of starters and main courses to share between four (4) people £ 25.5 per person.

When making booking please advise us on any allergies or dietary requirements.


All statrers are served with warm Turkish Pide Bread

Hot Meze

-Carliston Biber- long green pepper stuffed with feta cheese grilled over fire(d-dairy)

-Sigara Boregi homemade Turkish cigar shape pastry stuffed with feta cheese(d-dairy+g-gluten)

-Fried aubergine dressed with red pepper sauce and yogurt(d-dairy).


Cold Meze

-Biber Ezme red pepper and garlic yogurt dip(d-dairy)

-Ispanak Ezme spinach dresses with garlic yogurt(d-dairy)

-Cacik cucamber and mint dressed with garlic yogurt(dairy)

-Humus chickpeas and tahini dip(s-sesame/tahini)

-Tabule fresh parsley, tomato and bulgur wheat salad dressed with pomegranate molasses(g-gluten/wheat

-olives selection

-Vine leaves stuffed with rice and pine kernels

-Beyaz Peynir Turkish feta cheese(d-dairy)

Main Course

To share between (four) 4 guests:

Combination of grilled meats served with bulgur wheat (g-gluten/wheat), fried aubergines , grilled peppers and seasonal salad, 

Platter of delicious freshly cooked/ barbequed to perfection meats like:

-Kuzu Sis -char-grilled tender fillet of lamb marinated in oregano

-Tavuk Sis- chargrilled breast of chicken marinated in herbs and spices                                             

-Adana Kebab-char-grilled minced lamb meat 

-Sucuk Izgara- Spicy Turkish beef  pepperoni sausage



Please ask member of staff for more details.


Selection of Turkish sweets like delicious Baklava and Turkish Delights.

(g-gluten/wheat +n-nuts/pistachios +walnuts +almonds)